We used Mills equations to model the electron and photon in computer software.   

We then used that model to explain and visualize the resonant transfer reaction that makes energy. In short, you take energy out of the hydrogen atom, and then it collapses down to a lower level. This process generates 122.4ev whereas burning hydrogen with oxygen releases 1ev. Thus this is 100x (at least) more potent than fire (combustion). This is far far more powerful than jet fuel.  Therefore, this chemical reaction should be the final energy source for mankind and help take us to Mars.

As it is a chemical reaction with a catalyst, for years the reaction was actually inhibited in BLP’s cells. The technology of electrolytic cells (circa 2008) was not very commercially competitive and it was a power plant model. In 2014 Brilliant Light Power achieved a massive breakthrough that removed the rate limiting step and the reaction had explosive kinetics.  Here is the explosion which crushed Quantum Mechanics on January 28, 2014 as no quantum chemistry allows for this reaction.  The plasma Brilliant Light Power creates at low temperatures virtually simulates the corona of the sun (that’s why it is 1-2million degrees in the corona, versus the surface temperature of the sun being 6000k only).  The most energy dense reaction known to mankind is hydrino catalysis.  Fusion is a slow moving garbage heap of energy by comparison (a rare event that happens frequently in a big big ball of stuff).  Recently, teams have independently produced the conditions of the sun and found energy densities similar to nuclear bombs in a hydrogen plasma.  They reproduced hydrino catalysis accidentally.  Hydrino catalysis is also how water vapor produces explosions which humans call thunder.  No data point in the history of mankind goes against Mills theory.  Arguably, he will go down as that greater than Sir Issac Newton for overturning a paradigm and unifying physics using the old physics (Newton’s laws, Maxwell’s equations, and special relativity).  How come nobody knows?  They do, very eminent physicists connected to Nobel laurates know this is all true but think it will take time to dismantle quantum’s beguiling edifice – some of these physicsists are affiliated with our team.